Erin & Alec Lancaster (Wadsworth, OH)

By Joyce Jones Bock

These are my grand kids. Erin will be 17 soon and Alec is 14. Erin has been a different girl since she has been in the study & receiving STX209. She has friends now, her grades have improved greatly & she spends more time with her family. She is learning to drive, we never thought that would be possible.

Alec is very social although it is usually not on a level most people understand. He is in special education and is learning to type on the computer as he cannot form letters well. He is more severely affected but didn’t fit the criteria for the study. We were so hopeful that he would eventually be able to have access to the medication too. I am so disheartened about the decision to discontinue the study.


Erin & Alec

Erin & Alec


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