Caroline Bridges (Kingwood, TX)

By Laurie Bridges

STX209 for Caroline really made a difference in lowering her anxiety, frustration, and overall worry.  Her little brother said that it made her happier.  Now that we have come off of STX209 the anxiety is back, the frustration is back, and she is just not as happy.  I ask her why she is so frustrated and she answers that she doesn’t know.  It’s the little things that set her off. Asking her to brush her hair will start her screaming.  On the medicine she could better deal with the sensory experiences that bother her.  Now we see it all coming back.  It’s very hard to watch some of her happiness slip away. One of the goals I have for myself as a parent is to see that my kids are happy and cared for.  I’m trying, I’m trying.  I need a little help from the doctors, teachers, researchers, and pharm. companies.  I will keep on toward my goal and will keep pushing others to help my sweet Caroline.


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