Charlie Miller (Charles Town, WV)

By Corry Miller

For the first time in his life, Arbaclofen gave him the ability to hug us and tell us he loved us. His coping skills were better in regard to transitioning.  He was less shy.  He was less emotional.  He was less agitated.  He had stopped running away from me.  He hadn’t bitten me or pulled my hair.  He was far less concerned about having to go to the doctor.   He wanted to socialize with people in public.  He wanted to go to school.  He didn’t tell me no. He followed commands better.  He seemed to learn easier.  Potty training went better.  He could cope better with being told no.  He smiled more.

His last dose was on June 1st. It feels like we are missing something really important by not giving him the tiny little pill to chew that helped him so much!

We will find another trial.  We will move on.  Just sucks to have to start all over again.  But we were blessed to be a part of STX209.

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