Jacob Harrison (Staunton, VA)

By Dr. and Mrs. Arlo J. Courter

Our grandson, Jacob Harrison age 13, was enrolled in the STX209 trials at Duke University until the trial was suspended.  We can give only our observations of the effects of the drug on Jake.

We first visited with him about 4-6 weeks after he started the program and immediately noticed that he was markedly more verbal and outgoing.  He seemed to want to interact with us. Instead of just flying by to his favorite chair he actually said “Hi Grandma” and not only allowed me to hug him but hugged me back!  He seemed more cheerful and less frustrated as time progressed through subsequent visits.His increased verbal communication led to less frustration when his needs were understood and met. As more time passed he began to try to actively play with other children and talk about a little girl that he goes to school with and what he wanted to buy her as a present. He continued to have his evening melt downs but they seemed less violent and shorter. We hope he does not lose what he appears to have gained now that the medication is no longer available as we will miss the verbal, more loving and funny boy that was emerging.

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